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The company HPC (Health & Prevention Center) is a unique provider in the field of Health & Prevention Coaching and advanced therapeutic technology distribution

Private, professional and financial stress is widespread and has consequences. We eat fast and therefore unhealthy. Several times a day we use computers, WLAN, LTE and mobile phones. Criticism of industrially produced food is growing. Additives in food are also undesirable. More attention is being paid to electrosmog in buildings. The Health & Prevention Cube (HPCube) can make a contribution to acquiring personal attentiveness in everyday life and making people aware of the stresses and strains of everyday life. If you listen to your body and feel tired and exhausted in spite of sufficient sleep, HPCube will tell you what you can do and what your life energy is like. Rest, relaxation and a healthy lifestyle are precisely integrated into an individual concept on the basis of the measurement results.


Frank Schell


Frank Schell has completed his training as a Holistic healing practioner in the school for alternative medicine “Humanum” in Germany. Since then he has had advanced training and practical experience in energy medicine and was especially engaged in bioresonance therapy and prevention consulting. He founded the Health & Prevention Center together with Laura in 2016 and worked in his own practice.

Laura Nelson


Being especially interested in a holistic approach to health to find the underlying cause of a health issues I completed my training in applying bioresonance therapy in Germany and founded the Health & Prevention Center (HPC) in 2016 together with Frank Schell. Since then I provided prevention consulting working together with GP’s, physiotherapist, and psychologists to reach the individual health goals of our clients especially focusing on the body’s natural resources. Apart from that I studied Psychology (B.Sc.) being strongly interested in neurocognitive functioning of the brain to get a closer understanding of the factors that cause illness in our psyche and as second subject sports with a focus on health prevention. My personal motivation is to answer the question: What is (physical and mental) health and which factors help to maintain it.


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